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I know you're struggling right now. It's so hard to juggle all the projects and tasks in your business, and you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 

Running a business can be complicated, and there are competing demands on your time and attention. It's hard to stay focused (and to know what to focus on).

Here’s the process I use to make sense of all the projects and tasks on your To Do list. Now you can be strategic about where you spend your time and resources.

It all starts with knowing why your'e doing what you're doing. If you don't have clarity about your business goals and values, you make poor decisions about which projects to tackle.

Then you can select the top projects to work on for the coming months. Design a savvy action plan, knowing the time and resources will you need along the way.

Imagine that you had a step-by-step action plan, where you knew exactly which task to do in which order.


Get a Grip on Your Action Planning

  • Know your next best step for your business.

  • Master your projects, tasks and time.

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and juggling too many priorities.

  • Set wise goals.

  • Accomplish more.

  • Design a schedule that works for you.


What One Action Now participants say


How amazing to walk away with a specific action that I can immediately take to improve my business! In the past, I have struggled with figuring out what I should be doing to move my business in the direction I want it to go. Karyn gave me the tools I need to stay focused and in action. She also shared her 90-Day Action Plan worksheet that will keep me focused and active over the long haul.

—Claudia Heilbrunn of Claudia Ink Tutoring

Thanks for helping me identify that my big goal for this year is to get organized!

It is an important foundational goal and will support me in achieving all my other personal and professional dreams this year.

—Elizabeth Barbour of The Revitalized Business Woman


I cannot thank you enough for offering Action One Now. It was extremely comprehensive and loaded with tons of useful information, from handouts to links for researching and instilling motivation. I found utilizing the handouts to set goals and breaking them down, helped me to effectively set a game plan to stay on track and complete the project I chose. It helped me dive deeper to stay organized to accomplish even more.

—Debra Carr of Image for MEN


Join the One Action Now virtual workshop

Ready to get started on your action planning?

Join me for the One Action Now virtual workshop. Master the One Action Now system and apply it to your business immediately. Get support while you design and implement your action plans. 

Enjoy the book!

I wrote this for you: the small business owner who wants to think big but is juggling too many projects and tasks. You’ll find this invaluable to move your business to the next level — a practical guide to managing your goals, projects and time.

I use this system daily, and it allows me scale my businesses and leverage my time. I know that’s what you want for your business, too.


Karyn Greenstreet, small business consultant and author of One Action Now

Karyn Greenstreet, small business consultant and author of One Action Now


Want to use One Action Now with your clients and students?

Spread the word! One Action Now is the perfect system to use with your small business clients, assisting them with goal setting and action planning. Go bigger by teaching One Action Now classes! If you’re interested in learning more about licensing One Action Now, email me at office@oneactionnow.com.